Success stories from across the UK from those who have done the Purification Programme
Robbie says, “Physically I feel younger. I have more energy and I am much more outgoing and happy. When I first started the Purification Programme, I had a lot of things which were sort of clinging to me and weighing me down. It was like an everpresent gloom. I am separated from that now. I also used to have this terror stomach with negative thoughts and now they are gone. My mood is higher than it has ever been and I am much calmer in my environment.”
I am less dispersed and I am more focused on my thinking. My energy level is increased. I have come to appreciate good health and vitality and have a great incentive to maintain that because of the Purification Programme. —HS
I am no longer the effect of residual toxins in my body. Life is easier and I am smiling more. During the Purification Programme, I had a realisation that I won’t get any worse after this and that I will ensure it only gets better. I have not felt like that in a long time. —GL
I am more stable as a person and my thoughts are more swift and more A to B. I am a clean sponge, eager to absorb constructive education and thus live a happier life. I didn’t consider myself restimulated by drug residuals in my body. But now I can see how drugs mess people up. I can see the difference before the Purification Programme and after. That was a wake-up call for me and I see how important it was. —ST
My liking for people has shot way up and my ability process information is super fast. Before the Purification Programme I was hanging onto life by a thin thread. I was holding onto hostilities, I was very serious and not communicative. This is now handled. As well, I noticed odd aches in my body and various head pains are also gone. And the best part about it is, this is just the beginning. —SK
I noticed an increase in many of my perceptions. For example, my eyesight and my hearing, my sense of smell as well as my sense of taste have all been heightened. I feel cleaner and have more energy. Running was a sport I always avoided. But now I enjoy it and it’s easy. I now know that my energy production is not at all reliant upon any form of stimulants, like coffee and tea or even quick fix ‘natural’ energy bars. I no longer need coffee. I have also eliminated sugar from my daily food regime. I used to take a couple of squares of chocolate or ice cream, but no longer want these. The sugar from fruit can give me the energy and alertness I want. The Purification Programme has given me so many gains. —Lisa B