Applied Scholastics International works with hundreds of affiliated schools and educational programmes throughout the world, providing the effective learning tools developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Delphi Academy in Florida, one of the hundreds of schools across the world using L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology.

■ The Delphi Programme is a private school model with its flagship Delphian School in Sheridan, Oregon, and a network of six other schools in major urban centres around the United States. Licenced to use Applied Scholastics educational services and materials, all Delphi schools operate on a standardised curriculum, common teaching and administrative methods, and a comprehensive curriculum training programme. Since the inception of the Delphi curriculum in 1975, it has emphasised application in the world beyond the classroom, with the aim being to help students of any age “take on life.”

■ The first Applied Scholastics school in England—Greenfields School in Sussex—was established in 1981. A day and boarding school located on 11 acres of woodland in the Ashdown Forest, Greenfields teaches students from preschool to university entrance levels. After a thorough grounding in Study Technology, they receive a traditional English education. In addition to Greenfields, more than 60 tutoring centres have been established throughout the country, with others opened in Scotland.

■ Denmark’s first Applied Scholastics school was established in 1985. Today, government-funded schools and a network of private tutoring centres operate across the nation, providing students with effective tools for lifelong learning using Study Technology.

■ In Italy, a group of teachers formed the first Applied Scholastics school centre in 1978. This has grown to 30 groups throughout the country, including schools, Study Technology centres and tutoring groups. In 2005, the Ministry of Education approved a pilot course on Study Technology for delivery to Italian teachers as part of their continuing education.

■ Befitting 21st-century learning, the Applied Scholastics Online Academy delivers home school instruction for preschool through high school. Students graduate knowing how to learn, research and evaluate data. The Applied Scholastics Online diploma is recognised by universities around the world.